The African Development Funding Program

We are a group of African Centered business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to start an investment and finance system in line with some traditional cultural practices. Think of this as a global Sou-Sou organization. Since we are starting out, we are in our "mustering phase". During this time, we will be building our core base of investors. It is very easy to become a member of our organization, and together we will grow and create benefits for ourselves and new members once we've gotten big enough. Our goal is to to lay the foundation for a new African economic system. One of our own creation. A system which will allow us to engage in not only funding our people into business, but also investing in development and resource management of our home... Africa. 

In an uncertain time, we should manage to staty safe but we should also learn from this situation. We cannot leave the well-being of our people in the hands of others. Africa's and African people's welfare is the responsibility of African people. We have the power to take that responsibility and become a proactive, prepared people. This is what the ADFP strives to make a reality. It is through our own power that we will rise from the current state of affairs in this world and take big steps toward the ultimate goal of the ADFP... The Redepmtion of Africa. You're inivited to join us in the beginning stages of our journey. Please come be a part of the African Future.


Our Partners

Sokozilla is a Kenyan based, e-commerce platformed which allows access to African and Diasporan marketplaces, as well as other mainstream brands. Whether you're a vendor or a shopper, Sokozillah is your one-stop shop for buying and selling.

TechKnow Africa is a growing Tech publication which is geared at bringing African technological development to readers all across the world. Africa and the Diaspora have a lot of ingenuity, and now it will be brought to your very eyes. You'll be thrilled and inspired by the reading and programming that will be mined in TechKnow.

Summit Geospatial Group is located in Denver, CO. It specializes in geo data and analysis. Summit seeks to begin projects in Africa for development and infrastructural solotions. With the use of LIDAR, drone technology, and other methods, Summit will help engineer the layout for a new, advanced, and clean African landscape.

Wya is an Atlanta-based shipping company. It is a growing operation and will be the go to for all your parcel needs. This company will be one of the most important vehicles through which black-owned goods and services can move their products between each other. 

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