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TechKnow Africa is a digital publication aimed at bring cutting edge African technological innovation to the forefront of the world stage. It seeks to become the authority in African technological publication. African people must control the narrative of all aspects of our lives. Technology is definitely one of those aspects. TechKnow Africa will bring you up to speed on the latest in African innovation.


Summit Geospatial Solutions, LLC

Summit Geopspatial Solutions is a Colorado-based GIS firm that specializes in geological surveying, map making, and geodata analysis. It is one of the startups we are most excited about and ready to help put on display as a very helpful vehicle for African development.



Wya is a shipping company in Atlanta, GA. It seeks to become one of the top shipping and parcel companies. It's black-owned, and shows a lot of promise. Wya will build a bridge that will help connect the continent to her children in the Diaspora.

Sokozillah is a company that we're definitely excited about. It is a Kenyan based e-commerce platform which will connect African retailers, wholesalers, and vendors with the African and Diasporan market. Think of it as kind of our own Alibaba or Amazon. This is what Sokozillah seeks to become.


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