African Owned Credit Union Event

On Friday, March 20, 2020, ADFP Chairperson Ollie Doss will be part of a free event in Aurora, CO centered around the proposed African Owned Credit Union. Doss, along with Nicholas Sheppard, are the two State Representatives for Colorado. The ADFP's presence makes this initiative much stronger, and by helping gain momentum for this will ensure a deep economic hold on the African Economic Arena... particularly in the United States. There will be refreshments provided. Some of the ground covered will include:

* The Establishment of the Credit Union in Colorado

* The Goal of 6,000 signatures for a presence in Colorado

* The Role of the Credit Union in African Affairs

* The ADFP and Our Vision

Again, this is a free event. All interested, like-minded people are invited to attend. The African Owned Credit Union initiative is a stepping stone to economic empowerment and control for African people to straighten our path toward empowerment and viability. This is also a terrific opportunity for African business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to network and get to know each other. We look forward to representing the ADFP at this event and collaborating on how we can all take advantage of Africa's future.

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